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Latest Technology, Stop Start Batteries for Current Models

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Its Time to go off grid and bank the savings.
About Stop Start Batteries Why They Are Special!

Off Grid Solar Battery Bank Home Electricity Solutions. Add Batteries to your Off Grid System one at a time after the initial Battery Installation. Pay for your Battery Bank With Electricity Bill Savings.

Delkor Battery sales and FREE automotive battery replacement, we test, fit and Install at North Rockhampton

Updated 18/11/2018
The symptoms of battery failure are typically slow or no starter motor cranking but there are a number of other faults which will offer up these symptoms. Wherever possible have your car electrical system professionally diagnosed so that you can nail the real fault first time and pay only once.

For example many motorists replace the battery and find the problem remains unsolved... that's money and time wasted, call us... our advice is free.
Please contact us for more info.

Batteries for golf carts and mobility scooters, fitted free with check for correct charging.

Highways Rockhampton also stock an extensive range of genuine Trojan Golf Cart batteries. We can test your battery and check that it is being charged correctly and at what state of charge it is at. Highway Auto Rockhampton stock a complete range of these fine products in deep cycle, 8 volt, 6 volt and whatever you may require.

Your Electronic Control System's memory is kept alive during battery change over.

Car computers (ECU) monitor your driving habits by memorising the ECU input signals over time and this information forms the electronic control system adaptive memory, it is mostly beneficial to retain ECU data so the memory must be kept alive when the car battery is replaced.
Highway Auto Electrics Rockhampton keep all memory components alive when servicing your vehicle.

Here is a good source for Auto & Caravan Battery info.

delkor battery sales rockhampton
  • Golf Cart Battery Trojan brand
  • Battery Deep River Golf Cart
  • Battery Delkor Deep cycle caravan and motorhome
  • Battery for all Farming equipment.
  • Batteries for Trucks and Heavy Machinery.
  • Delkor Battery Calcium Plates - endures heat and stays charged longer when not in use.
  • Delkor Maintenance free batteries - Easy Start Hassle Free.
  • Power Probe Indicator - To check the state of charge at a glance.
  • Carry Handles - For easy safe carrying and installation.
  • Additional Cranking Power - Starts easier with less strain on your battery.
  • Heat Resistant - Handles high temperatures for longer battery life.
  • Greater Reserve Capacity - For longer accessory running times.
  • Flame Proof Vents - Added safety against external sparking.
  • Maintenance Accessible - Can top up with water and maintained correctly will extend. battery life
  • Genuine Replacement - Original specification starting power as well as easy fitment.
  • Hybrid Technology (Calc/Anti Plates) - General vehicle performance specification and low maintenance
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We check battery size and capacity is suitable for your needs.

How to avoid trouble with Car Computers and Car Eectronic Control Systems.
The car battery is one of the major contributors to car computer (ECU) and car electrical failure along with alternator and starter motor failure, here's why:

Your car battery has a limited life usually 2 years and its then on borrowed time so change out your battery inside that time and before it gives indications of sluggish starting and you may never have car electrical or car computer problems. The car battery also absorbs the car alternator output so if the battery plates and internal links are in a worn condition there is a risk of voltage spikes occurring which will kill off electronic components and the car engine management computer.
We recycle batteries... naturally!
Old car batteries are one of the world's most recycled items: Battery acid is recycled by neutralizing it into water or converting it to sodium sulfate for laundry detergent, glass and textile manufacturing.
Plastic is recycled by cleaning the battery case, melting the plastic and reforming it into uniform pellets.
Lead, which makes up 50% of every battery, is melted, poured into slabs and purified.
Have a look at this link: Link to great site about batteries

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Honda battery all models. Free fitting plus free alternator charge rate test. Alternator drive belt checked for correct tension and wear.
Toyota battery sales and free fitting also Hyundai and Mazda cars and SUV.
Caravan and Motor home batteries, best quality long life Delkor, Century and Bosch. Charging rate of solar panels and vehicle charging system tested for correct voltage and current flow.
Dual battery system for 4X4 and emergency vehicles. Best quality long life battery sales at Highways.

Car Battery & charging Test
Century Battery Sales, fitting and Test.
holden, ford, toyota, honda batteries

At Highway Auto we have a range of car and 4X4 batteries to fit Ford Falcon, Holden Commodore, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Pajero, Toyota Camry. We keep in stock Exide, Century, Delkor, Deep River and Trojan batteries.

The Holden battery range including Astra, Trax, Colorado and Commodore if you require a high quality battery like Century, Delkor or Bosch then we fit them free and include a charging rate alternator test. We have exchange alternators to fit all makes and models.

Batteries best suited to the Ford range includes: Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Ford Mondeo, Ford Falcon. The Ford range of SUV include Ford Eco, Ford Kuga, Ford Everest and then there is their commercial range of: Ford Ranger, Falcon ute, Ford Transit. Highway Auto have the right battery for the entire Ford range.

Highway Auto will fit and install your new battery. This month special is Toyota battery fitted free of charge. Next month special is Honda battery also fitted free of charge.

Car Battery sales Rockhampton is situated at 246 Musgrave Street North Rockhampton Qld. Flat battery? get your alternator checked at Highways today.

Delkor Battery Sales Rockhampton from Highway Auto phone 07 49261303