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Caravan Solar Panel Install, Multi Solar Battery Charging, Problem solving. Rockhampton (07) 4926 1303

Updated 18/11/2018

Find us at 246 Musgrave St opposite Stockland Shopping Centre - Easy access, see aerial shots on our facebook page or Google maps Satellite View for easy maneuvering.

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Highway Auto diagnose and repair Caravan, Camper, Motor Home electric wiring, Solar Panels and Batteries

  • Delkor Deep cycle caravan batteries
  • Caravan and Motor Home Solar battery and power solutions
  • Caravan and RV electrical repairs
  • Auto Electrician.
  • Batteries all types for all Caravans and Motor Homes.
  • Battery Test plus evaluation Free.
  • Caravan and trailer Brake Service and Repair
  • Caravan Brake Service and Diagnostics
  • Caravan heating and Air conditioning Systems
  • Caravan and Motor Home Easy Parking at Highways
  • Caravan Solar electric problems solved
  • Car and Caravan Air-conditioning Service and Install.
  • Caravan video systems install and repair
  • Check Engine Light Diagonosis and Support.
  • Caravan and Motor Home Electronic Control Systems.
  • Electrical Systems all vehicles
  • Car Electrical Systems Diagnosis and Repair.
  • New car and Motor Home Warranty approved Servicing
  • Radiator and Cooling Systems Repair
  • Caravan and Motor Home Steering and Suspension
  • Latest in automotive diagnostic and auto electrical systems.

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caravan solar panels

Mercedes Benz Sprinter and upward Motor Home Specialists

Mercedes Benz Electrics and specialised Diagnostics.

Get the best diagnostics, service and advice for your Mercedes Benz. We won't tell you to replace a part and see if that fixes the problem. Have you heard that one before? Expensive isn't it?

Does your Mercedes go into "limp home mode" that's no fun at all. Bring your Mercedes Benz problems to Highway Auto and pay only for results you can bank.

Solar Panel Solutions for all Caravans and Motor Homes

Highway Auto will evaluate your requirements, suggest a best case set of Solar Panels and voltage regulator to match your electrical loads. Free camping is no fun when the lights go out and the fridge stops too. Here's some of what we can do for you:
  • Supply and fit Solar Panels and Voltage Regulators
  • Change out your old Caravan lighting system for LED battery savers
  • Modernise and update your Caravan battery storage and charging options
  • 3 Way Caravan refrigerator supply systems to use on the move
  • Caravan Breakaway control and monitoring systems
  • Caravan Electric brake control systems
  • Caravan Battery charge and capacity monitoring systems
  • Caravan Battery isolate and leakage protection systems
  • Additional Caravan power outlets
  • Supply and install Caravan Inverter Systems
  • 3 Way Caravan refrigerator condensor air exhaust for better cooling
  • Caravan alarm systems
  • Caravan water pumps repairs installed
  • Caravan external lighting Upgrade to Powerful headlights
  • Caravan rear lighting in LED for road safety
  • All caravan electric wiring and electrical appliances
  • Towing and Trailer electrical
  • Caravan 12V plugs and sockets
  • Caravan 12V connector Anderson plugs

  • Solar Panels for all mounting situations fixed rooftop and portable Solar

    caravan and motor home repair

    Highway Auto For Caravan Electrics - Solar Panels - RV Wiring - RV Batteries

    Have a look at this link: Link to More on Caravan Solar & Batteries

    caravan, motor home all RV wiring and electrics

    Highway Auto Rockhampton are very proud of their high standards of neat and tidy electrical cabling and layouts. This looks good and importantly makes it so easy to do preventative maintenance and servicing.

    Have brighter headlights and get 100% more light on the road

    Highways can upgrade your motor home headlights to current technology giving you not only stronger headlights but low glare as well as clearer view of the road ahead.

    caravan electric wiring

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    Stop paying too much for your caravan electrical repairs. Highway Auto Rockhampton will service your caravan electrical systems and battery switching. Your new tow car warranty is safe as a bank when you have highways senior automotive technicians maintain your pride and joy. If your car or 4X4 is no longer under new car warranty Highways have a perfect service plan for you. They are experts of some 49 years servicing cars at their modern workshop at 246 Musgrave Street Berserker North Rockhampton Queensland. Highways are experts with car and four wheel drive air-conditioning as well as auto electrics. Here are just some of highway auto's specialties.
    • Caravan Air-conditioning
    • Caravan Wheel alignment
    • Caravan Batteries
    • Belt replacement
    • Caravan Brake repair
    • Caravan Brake fluid exchange
    • Car tune-up
    • Check engine light faults
    • Coolant exchange
    • Differential oil change
    • Car and caravan electrical system
    • Fuel system cleaning
    • Car maintenance packages
    • Oil change
    • Performance snapshot
    • Power steering fluid exchange
    • Shocks and struts suspension repair
    • Steering and suspension repair
    • 246 Musgrave Street Berserker North Rockhampton
    • Easy parking caravans and motor homes

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Get best price on Alternators, Starter Motors, Batteries, Cruise Control, Air-conditioning at Highway Auto Electrics air-conditioning mechanical 246 Musgrave St Rockhampton North.
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