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The following is a sample of some of the questions we are asked on a regular basis, we will of course add more as time permits. We hope this is helpful to you and invite you to email us with any questions you may have about motor vehicles and their maintenance.
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  • How can I jump start a vehicle so as not to damage electronics?
  • How can I use less petrol and diesel fuel?
  • Why does my brake pedal jump when I brake hard?
  • I have heard that brake fluid needs to be changed regularly, why is this so?
  • Is it true that engine oil lasts for only 6 months?
  • How often do the fuel injectors need to be serviced?
  • Do car batteries still have to be topped up with water?
  • Can long range driving lights be fitted to a late model vehicle?
  • Why is it recommended that I run my car air-conditioning in winter time?
  • Are car air-conditioning leaks preventable?

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