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Highways will supply and fit the best battery for your requirements

Updated 05/11/2018

golf cart battery rockhampton

The symptoms of impending battery failure are loss of power, sluggish acceleration and unable to climb hilly terrain. Other faults which will contribute to poor battery life are in your buggy's electronic control systems and of course your charging station.

Highway Auto have been in the business of automotive electrics, electronics and motor vehicle servicing since 1966. As keen golfers we know the importance of a reliable Golf Buggy to get you to the next hole fighting fit and fresh to take on the next fairway.

Highway Auto Rockhampton will provide the best technical assistance you can get for your golf buggy. Our technicians are the masters of modern automotive electronic systems and have the ultimate understanding of how and why these complex modern multi battery systems are designed and how to get the maximum operating life and performance for you.

Highways recommend periodical servicing of your Golf Car even if it hasn't been used. One of the worst things you can do to a battery powered vehicle is to leave it languish without use.
Highway's Golf Car maintenance plan:
  • Battery systems
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Wheel bearings
  • Steering system

Ring Steve now on (07) 49261303 and have a chat about you and your golf buggy and how best we can assist you.

trojan golf cart battery t-875 Trojan T-875 Battery

Set of 6 x T-875 Trojans. Revitalise your 48Volt Golf Cart now with a set of New Trojans.

Made in the USA. Trojans are the Number 1 brand for Golf Carts and are also well known and trusted in Australia for Motorhomes, Industrial, Marine and Off-Grid Solar Deep Cycle applications.

Genuine Trojan batteries from Highway Auto Rockhampton. Beware cheap brown imports, which look similar but are fakes! Made in the USA, Trojans are superb. Highway Auto provide testing, recycling and warranty support.

Highway Auto Rockhampton stock a complete range of genuine Trojan Golf Car batteries. We can test your battery and check that it is being charged correctly and at what state of charge it is at. Highway Auto Rockhampton stock a complete range of these fine products in deep cycle, 8 volt, 6 volt and in whatever configuration you may require.

Mobility Scooter Battery and Electric Repair and Replacement Service

mobility scooter battery

Highway Auto Rockhampton provide the same high level of expertise for Mobility Scooters as for Golf Cars

If you are experiencing any problems with your mobility scooter then ring Steve now on (07) 49261303 and he will be able to talk you through any issues and provide solutions along with any necessary repairs, system testing, service or battery replacement you may require.

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  • Trojan Golf Cart Batteries
  • Deep cycle caravan and motorhome batteries
  • Batteries for all Farming equipment.
  • Batteries for Trucks and Heavy Machinery.
  • Calcium Plates - High performance technology, endures heat and stays charged longer when not in use.
  • Maintenance free - Easy Start Hassle Free.
  • Power Probe Indicator - To check the state of charge at a glance.
  • Carry Handles - For easy safe carrying and installation.
  • Additional Cranking Power - Starts easier with less strain on your battery.
  • Heat Resistant - Handles high temperatures for longer battery life.
  • Greater Reserve Capacity - For longer accessory running times.
  • Flame Proof Vents - Added safety against external sparking.
  • Maintenance Accessible - Can top up with water and maintained correctly will extend. battery life
  • Genuine Replacement - Original specification starting power as well as easy fitment.
  • Hybrid Technology (Calc/Anti Plates) - General vehicle performance specification and low maintenance

Your Golf Car will cost less to run with regular 6 month servicing.

Bosch car Battery test

We check battery size and capacity is suitable for your needs.

Get a quote now!

More battery information here.

We recycle... naturally!

Old car batteries are one of the world's most recycled items: Battery acid is recycled by neutralizing it into water or converting it to sodium sulfate for laundry detergent, glass and textile manufacturing.
Plastic is recycled by cleaning the battery case, melting the plastic and reforming it into uniform pellets.
Lead, which makes up 50% of every battery, is melted, poured into slabs and purified.

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Caravan and Motor home batteries, best quality long life. Charging rate of solar panels and vehicle charging system tested for correct voltage and current flow.
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