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Highway Auto's Services

Highway Auto Electrics can provide everything for your car, be assured you will always be treated fairly and benefit from our honest straight forward way of doing business. We offer our customers Trust, Experience and Competency, we know exactly what to do and will always contact you to discuss our quote or estimate if circumstances unexpectedly change. Listed below is a comprehensive range of services we offer our clients. Please contact us for more info.

Updated 14/01/2019

New car log book service - Log book service includes warranty inspection.

Highway Auto Electrics carry out new car log book services as prescribed by the manufacturer, as expected we use only genuine replacement parts and premium grade lubricants. At each service we inspect your vehicle to locate any items for warranty correction or replacement.Click here for more information.

Diagnostics and solutions - Current and future generation vehicles.

Highway Auto Electrics' skilled technicians use an array of computerised machines to diagnose and plot solutions for current generation vehicles. There is no room for guess work, the modern motor vehicle is a fine product demanding top level competencies to maintain and service it.

Car Computer data interrogation and resetting.

Your late model car computer stores data on the way you drive along with all manner of intermittent and transient fault data which occurs over time. This information is an important tool and we use it in diagnosing the performance characteristics of the vehicle itís often a fast track to the nature of any problems about to affect future reliability and performance. Highway Auto Electrics Rockhampton will save you money.

Car Computer reprogramming provides a new start.

It stands to reason cars will get mistreated and are often subjected to bad driving habits... well, if this has happend with your car we can provide a fresh start by dumping bad habits out of it's computer read only memory (ROM) ready for a new beginning. Highway Auto Electrics Rockhampton will save you money and offer this service at only $12.50 with any scheduled service.

Electronic Fuel Injection EFI service.

Petrol is so expensive we wouldn't want to waste it... would we? However, based on the results of exhaust gas sampling that we do that's exactly what many motorists are doing. Your car's fuel injectors are a wonderful device and capable of metering precise amounts of petrol on each engine induction cycle.

Electronic Fuel injectors (EFI) suffer from build-ups of deposits and contaminants which prevent correct operation and when this occurs the car computer (ECU) gets the message that the engine needs more fuel and does exactly that, it wastes petrol and robs power so that's why it makes good sense to have your electronic fuel injectors EFI serviced - the difference can be a much as 20% saving on all fuel purchased. Get your car tested today for only $37.70 with any scheduled service.

EFI Injector testing and cleaning.

To find out the fuel efficiency of your car we sample exhaust gases to determine how well everything is working. This simple and inexpensive test reveals if your electronic fuel injectors (EFI) need to be serviced or if something else like spark plugs or ignition system is off tune.

All Car repairs, Suspension, Brake Service, Engine Tuning.

Highway Auto Electrics offer a one stop shop for all your car repairs and servicing - If the starter motor starts your car the brakes must stop your car... it seem only right that we can stop anything we start! Car electrics, Alternator, Starter motor, Battery, Brakes, steering, suspension, exhaust systems, radiators, cooling systems, muffler and exhaust system, belts and hoses all car replacement parts from brand name genuine manufacturers parts to quality replacement parts for budget focused motorists.

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Vehicle wiring repairs and electrical system diagnosis.

Motor vehicle wiring is the arterial connection to car computers and central electronic control systems (ECU). Highway Auto Electrics have the know-how, the equipment and the passion to get it right for you on time every time. Car wiring should be checked from time to time so that safety and reliability can be maintained; faulty wiring is the cause of most car fires. Get our Safe Holiday special electric car wiring test and inspection from only $77 with any scheduled service.
  • Automotive Electricians
  • Car electrical system faults
  • Autoelectrical repairs
  • Starter motor exchange
  • Alternator exchange
  • Farm tractor farm equipment electrics and Air-conditioning
  • Auto Air-conditioning sales
  • Car Air-conditioning Service & Repairs
  • Car Air-conditioning Refrigerant Recharge
  • Car air-conditioning - refrigerant gas leak detection and car air conditioning regas
  • Cruise Control Sales
  • Cruise Control fitting
  • Shocks and struts replacement
  • Steering and suspension repair
  • Wheel alignment
  • Wheel balance
  • CV Joints and Boot exchange
  • Drive axle boots replaced
  • CV boot replacements
  • Power Steering Pump Exchange
  • Power steering fluid change
  • Delkor Automotive Battery Stockist
  • Trojan Golf Cart Batteries
  • Deep Cycle Batteries, Full River brand stockist
  • Check engine light fault diagnosis
  • ECU diagnosis and Fault Finding
  • Belt replacement
  • Brake repair
  • Disc rotor machining
  • Brake Master Cylinder Exchange
  • Brake fluid flush & Replace
  • Car tune-up
  • Radiator Coolant Clean & Flush
  • Car Cooling system diagnosis and repairs, exchange radiators, new radiator
  • Differential exchange service
  • Fuel system cleaning
  • Car maintenance packages
  • Oil change
  • Performance snapshot
  • Transmission fluid drain & flush
  • Automatic Transmission Exchange
  • Hybrid vehicle service and repairs


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Motor mechanic, motor technicians, Auto electrician, Air-conditioning Technicians, Automotive engineering consultants. All under the same roof at Highways. We shortened that long Highway Auto Electrics to Highway Auto and now most customers simply call us Highways. New car services at value for money rates. Stop paying too much for your new car servicing because Highways love your car as much as you do, we love to see it sparkle after its service we wash and clean it for you. Mechanical, Servicing, Auto electrical and Air-conditioning are carried out by certified senior trades people. Don't forget, we service Golf Carts and supply Trojan batteries also Full River deep cycle batteries for caravans, SUVs, mobile work platforms, Golf buggies, Mobility scooters and the list goes on. Remember when deep cycle and long life are important to you insist on Deep River made in USA batteries.

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