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About Mechanical and Other Services Available.

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New car servicing: Car repairs by expert specialist automotive technicians. Get a Log book service and have your log book stamped to maintain your new car warranty. Car Electrics, Car Electronics, Car Computers, Car Electronic Control Systems Diagnosis and repair, Fuel Injector clean and service, Car Wiring, Car Batteries, Brakes, Steering, Suspension, ECU Diagnostics, EFI services, Injector clean... and lots more.

Get a performance evaluation FREE with every service

Get a thorough car inspection for your ultimate safety and performance.

To increase your vehicle's lifespan and performance, regular maintenance is a must. This is why we offer our free Performance Snapshot evaluation every time you bring your vehicle in for service — helping to reduce the chances of an unexpected breakdown and expenses.

Performance Snapshot evaluation includes:
  • Computerised diagnostic check.
  • Comprehensive visual inspection.
  • Easy-to-understand report with visual references and recommended repairs and maintenance.
  • Detailed explanation of the report by one of our happy and helpful technicians.
Our report allows you to evaluate recommended repairs and maintenance at your convenience — to easily decide when and what you'd like to proceed with.

How long since your brakes were checked?

Your life could depend on the serviceability of your anti lock brake system and the electronic stability control. These ABS and ESC systems are totally dependant on the car computer and electronic control systems, car wiring and car electrical system. These systems should be given a health check no less than every 24 months to ensure continued stability and reliability. Highway Auto Electrics have the equipment and the experienced technicians to carry out all maintenance and servicing of new cars and Utes regardless of make or model.

Get the latest headlight upgrade, put 80% more light on the road

Highways can upgrade your car headlights to current technology giving you not only stronger headlights but low glare as well as clearer view of the road ahead.

Battery and Alternator relationship

Like any good marriage the alternator and the battery must be a good match to maintain the correct voltage and current demands from the starter motor and car electrical system particularly during the winter months. The battery is the electrical system buffer and it absorbs the highs and lows of the alternator output whilst supplying power on demand. Ensure you get the correct replacement when the time comes but most important of all, ensure that the computer’s memory is backed up whilst the battery is being changed out, this will alsosave you the hassle of locating security codes for the car entertainment systems GPS car navigation and other secure coded car electronic accessories.

With your next long life replacement battery Highway Auto Electrics Rockhampton will provide the above services free of charge for all registered customers.

Mining & Heavy Equipment Specialists

Mining equipment starter motors and alternators are Highway Auto Electrics specialty dating back to when the first open cut coal mine opened in the Blackwater area known then as Utah Blackwater, Highway Auto Electrics installed the shop equipment required to service all heavy earthmoving equipment electrical systems along with a 20 Kw digitally controlled alternator test bench to load test high output 24 volt alternators under full load.

Highway Auto Electrics stock Delco Remy, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Isuzu and Sawafugi heavy equipment electrical replacement alternator, starter motor and spare parts. Highway Auto Electrics Rockhampton offer a fast turnaround for repairs and rebuilding heavy equipment electrics, also starter motor and alternator new for old replacement service.

Air-conditioning and spares for Cars, Trucks, Mining Equipment

  • Car and Truck Air-conditioning repairs and spare parts.
  • Car Computer and electronic control systems Diagnostics and repairs.
  • Car air conditioning regas and leak repair.
  • Car Air-conditioning repairs and new systems.
  • Licensed auto air-conditioning technicians
  • Car air-conditioning air filter service and repair
  • Car Air-conditioner compressors new and rebuilt in stock.
  • Exchange car air conditioning compressors
  • Car evaporator and condensers in stock now.

pre purchase vehicle inspection

Get best price on Alternators, Starter Motors, Batteries, Cruise Control, Air-conditioning at Highway Auto Electrics air-conditioning mechanical 246 Musgrave St Berserker, Rockhampton North.

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Stop paying too much for your new car services. Highway Auto will service your new car and stamp your log book, your new car warranty is safe as a bank when you have highways senior automotive technicians maintain your pride and joy. If your car is no longer under new car warranty Highways have a perfect service plan for you. Highways are experts of some 49 years servicing cars at their modern workshop at 246 Musgrave Street Berserker North Rockhampton Queensland. Highways are experts with car and four wheel drive air-conditioning as well as auto electrics. Here are just some of highway auto's specialties.

  • Automotive Electricians
  • Car electrical system faults
  • Autoelectrical repairs
  • Starter motor exchange
  • Alternator exchange
  • Caravan solar and Electric repairs
  • Auto Air-conditioning sales
  • Car Air-conditioning Service & Repairs
  • Car Air-conditioning Refrigerant Recharge
  • Cruise Control Sales
  • Cruise Control fitting
  • Shocks and struts replacement
  • Steering and suspension repair
  • Wheel alignment
  • Wheel balance
  • CV Joints and Boot exchange
  • Drive axle boots replaced
  • CV boot replacements
  • Power Steering Pump Exchange
  • Power steering fluid change
  • Delkor Automotive Battery Stockist
  • Trojan Golf Cart Batteries
  • Deep Cycle Batteries, Full River brand stockist
  • Check engine light fault diagnosis
  • ECU diagnosis and Fault Finding
  • Belt replacement
  • Brake repair
  • Disc rotor machining
  • Brake Master Cylinder Exchange
  • Brake fluid flush & Replace
  • Car tune-up
  • Radiator Coolant Clean & Flush
  • Differential exchange service
  • Fuel system cleaning
  • Car maintenance packages
  • Oil change
  • Performance snapshot
  • Transmission fluid drain & flush
  • Automatic Transmission Exchange
  • Roadworthy Inspection Certificate
  • Qld Transport Inspection station

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Get an Air-conditioner free performance checkup for life April 2018 monthly special: car wiring fix, auto electric test, alternator charging rate test, exchange starter motor for Falcon, Holden Commodore and Toyota Land Cruiser. New range of exchange wiper motors to suite all holden, ford, toyota, hyundai, honda and mazda cars and 4X4 vehicles.

Car repair specialists in Rockhampton carry out engine repairs, transmission repairs and exchange auto transmissions, engine rebuilds, exchange water pump and radiator.

Motor mechanics at Highway Auto are fast, thorough and efficient.

Prevent having a flat battery when you are in Rockhampton. Flat battery is no fun, get your alternator charge rate cheched at Highways now and that will reduce the chances of you having a flat battery in your car or 4X4 vehicle. Buying a used car? Get a pre purchase roadworthy inspection. Highways are the licensed Queensland Transport roadworthy inspection station authorised to issue roadworthy safety certificates required for transfer of vehicle registration to a new owner.

Battery, Delkor AGM Battery for caravan and motorhome.

Cruise control Rockhampton, fit, install, adjust.