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Auto electrical repairs, Starter Motor, Alternator, Electric wiring, Car Computer (ECU) diagnostics, Injector cleaning, Caravan electrical and Solar fitting.

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Get The Trusted Auto electricians at Rockhampton

Nobody can match Highways 52 years of technical development in automotive technology systems and outstanding every-day car service and repairs.

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Electronic diagnostics, Electronic control system repair, Auto electrical systems and vehicle electric wiring repair.

About Stop Start Batteries Why They Are Special!

Stop wasting your money on misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of a vehicle electrical and electronic system. Stop paying twice it's expensive, go to Highways for trusted first time diagnosis.

Highways Auto Electrical services

  • Electronic Fuel injection system servicing
  • Rewiring and wiring repairs
  • ECU interrogation and programming
  • Car and 4X4 alternator and Starter motor repairs
  • Reverse camera installation
  • Cruise Control sales and fitting
  • Sound system install
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Golfers, get Trojan Golf Cart Batteries, test, sales, charging and Fitting

Highways will test and evaluate your Golf Cart Battery and let you know how much life is left and how long you can expect to use it before replacing with new Trojan golf cart batteries.

GET A FREE Assessment of your battery and essential components. This will prevent expensive component failure and the accompanying inconvenience to you and your family.

Ring Steve now on his direct line (07) 49261303 and make arrangements to have your car or 4X4 or even your Caravan or Motor home checked for appropriate battery capacity and remaining active performance life factor. Highways provide this service to our customers FREE of charge because we want to help you keep your vehicle reliable and running costs to a minimum.

Not all batteries are born equal, here is a good reason to have your battery replaced before requiring roadside assistance. Most inappropriate battery replacements occur via emergency roadside assistance vendors who cannot carry the full range of batteries to suite all vehicles therefore you could have an under capacity battery under your bonnet.

Here is why batteries are the electronic component killers It’s a popular belief that the battery is there primarily to start the engine and to provide power for lights etc. WRONG. The battery has a balancing act to perform: it accepts the output from the vehicle alternator and absorbs the many irregularities which occur in the charging, load and discharge cycle. An inappropriate battery cannot perform these functions as required therefore putting your electronic control systems at high risk of expensive failure.

Automotive Battery, Auto electrics, Car electronics

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A cheap battery is in fact a very expensive battery for the reasons above

Clicking? Slow Crank? Is it time for a new car battery?

It’s important to feel confident when going to start your car – because being stranded isn’t an option. So watch for these key warning signs that your car or 4X4 is in need of a new battery. Ring Steve, make an appointment for a free battery and electrical sytem evaluation.
  • Slow engine cranking
  • Corrosion around the terminals
  • Leaking battery
  • Battery warning light on

Free for life battery check at Highways 246 Musgrave Street Berserker, North Rockhampton Qld. If its not your car battery it could be something else. These common indicators could mean there is something wrong with your starting and charging system:
  • Dash indicator light on
  • Squealing noise
  • Sluggish or no cranking
  • Clicking or grinding noise on start up
Good information site on car and caravan batteries


We offer you hassle free car fixes; whatever the problem phone or email Steve to talk it through - you'll be impressed!![Ring Now]

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